My Cameras

Over the years I have had a number of cameras.

My first two or three were fixed focus 110 style cameras which were okay, but did not give you much in the way of control. This continued until a trip to Venezuela in South America where the quality of the photographs were so bad that I persuaded myself to spend some money on a 'proper' 35mm camera.

This was originally a second hand Zenit (fUSSR) with a second, wide angle lens for close-up work. Many of the GamesWorkshop photos were taken using this camera as was the scene from my back door. The major problem with this was that it was not self focusing leading to disagreements between my eyesight and reality as to what was in focus (no need to ask which won :-)) and it was purely mechanical, making it damned heavy as well as surprisingly fragile.

I own a couple of cameras; a Minolta 500si with a 30-75 auto focusing lens. This, being largely electronic, is vastly lighter and the auto focusing facility counters those nasty little disagreements over what is in focus or not. The Battlestar and the two StarTrek ships were photographed using this camera. The camera's light gathering abilities are quite impressive. and enable photos to be taken in near dark situations with a great deal of details picked up especially if you have a tripod to hold the camera still!
I also own a digital camera, a Fujifilm FinePix S5700, which is fully automatic point and shoot. This camera allows incredibly close in views of models - the Doctor Who models have all been taken using this camera. It certainly has a quicker turn round than a film camera. And of course my 'phones have cameras of relatively limited capabilities.


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