Colonial Fleet Carrier Pegasus.

One of the twelve carriers constructed by the Colonial Governments to counter the fleets of the Cylon raiders. They proved so successful over the decades since they were launched that the Cylons were unable to break the screens she and her sister ships wove around the Colonial Planets. Their main defence are the Viper attack craft carried in the launch bays in the outriggers, but there are myriad laser bays to provide point defence against any ships penetrating this screen. As the events at the treacherous peace conferance, organised by Count Baldor, showed they can be overwhelmed, though it must also be stated that the Colonial forces were not expecting treachery. Like all of the ships, except the Galactica which retired from the field at the Peace Conference when Commander Adama realised the battle was lost, the Pegasus was destroyed.

Or was she...?

Her surviving attack craft made it back to the Colonial Worlds along with the rest of the Colonial Vipers just in time to witness their destruction.

(Information provided by the Colonial Government Pro Tem, Battlestar Galactica)


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