Stockport Viaduct


This Viaduct is one of the largest remaining brick constructions in Western Europe - it is almost certainly the longest; spanning the Mersy Valley and crossing the M60, each 3 lane carriageway fitting under its own arch. Before WWII, the Krupps Armanents works enjoyed this title but that did not survive Allied bombing. Most of the structure is Victorian and many lives were lost during it's construction. It has made a brief contribution to literature, being the introduction to the Northern Mill Towns in Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South. Along with the usual gaggle of garages and scrap metal yards, this must be unique in having an old five story mill nestled under the arches. The overhead power cables were added during the 1970s when this part of the West Coast Line was electrified.

The picture was taken from the local bus station which is relatively close to the train station which is several hundred yards to the left (behind you in this picture's view) up the hill. Just behind the bus station is Stockport's shopping centre and there is a major leisure complex behind the train station.

Stockport's main shopping centre, located to your right in this photograph, is also unique in being the widest bridge certainly in the United Kingdom, possibly Europe.


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