The Central Manchester & Manchester Childrens University Hospitals NHS Trust

(Formally known as Central Manchester Healthcare NHS Trust)

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A brief history

The Manchester Royal Infirmary - founded 1752

The Manchester Royal Infirmary has been around in various locations for over 250 years. It accepts cases from Manchester and surrounding areas in virtually all specialties and hosts a great number of university departments as the University Medical school is just across the road.

Saint Mary's Hospital - founded 1790

Saint Mary's Hospital has been in existence for over 200 years on various sites. It gives Obstetric and Gynaecological care for the women of Manchester and the surrounding areas. It is a recognised centre of excellence for artificial insemination and special care for premature babies.

The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital - founded 1814

The hospital undertakes operations on the eyes, and provides emergency eye care. It also hosts the northwest's cornea transplant bank.

The Dental Hospital - founded 1884

In addition to the hospitals above, the trust has a Dental Hospital on a separate site, which deals with dental problems and runs the maxillo facial unit, which rebuilds people's jaws when necessary, that is based in the MRI.

The Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital

The Manchester Children's Hospital offers general medical and surgical care for youngsters between six months and sixteen. Like its fellow hospitals a major PFI rebuild has led to a single campus site (except for the Dental Hospital) that retains the individual specialties of the various hospitals whilst allowing them to share the advantages of a shared site. The hospital has been host to the ITV documentary 'Children's Hospital'.


The Trust as a whole had an annual budget of 200 million+ pounds sterling for the financial year 1996/97. 90% of this comes from the Manchester Area Health Authority, with the rest from coming from outside authorities. The MRI is the largest of the hospitals with over 400 beds and over 6000 in-patient cases. Saint Mary's Hospital is the next largest, followed by the MREH.

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