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VAT Seminar

1 Day


VAT Seminar

1/2 Day


Introduction to Access

1 Day


Oracle Ledger training courses 6 days 2006



Years -to -from

Central Manchester & Manchester Children's University Hospitals NHS Trust
Still at the same Address.
Financ Department

Ledger Support Officer (AfC Band 5)

I make sure that the day-to-day running of the ledger ssytems are carried out in a timely and correct fashion. Along with my immediate manager, I have been responsible for putting new controls in place for the Oracle Financials system that we now use.

I also liaise with various levels of budget managers throughout the Trust in order that they are able to use the on-line budget reporting tools available through the ledger

I produce reports using the Oracle Discoverer system and share either the results or the report template with users depending on the requirements

April 2006 - present

Financial Management Assistant - Corporate Division (Grade 4)

This post was created on the merger of the two finance departments that were present within the Trust due to the merger betweem CMHT and the Childrens Trust. This is much the same as the previous post in that I am still responsible for maintaining the Ledger system in terms of structure and producing reports from it and the payroll query system. However there is more responsibility for day-to-day operations.

July 2002 - March 2006

Grade 4 in the Systems Development Team.

This team offered both a level of technical support of, and reporting from, the various computer systems that the Finance Department uses. These are mainly the General Ledger system which reports on expenditure at a departmental and clinical grouping level, and the Payroll system which reports on the expenditure going through the payroll system. Both Payments and Debtors have their own systems and their own experts.

In addition to producing these one off and sample reports, I am responsible for defining, requesting and managing the installation of new PCs within the department. This can be a couple of PCs for a particular office or a mass replacement of PCs throughout the department. I have developed an Access database in order to keep track of the computers and printers throughout the department (this runs to more than a hundred machines!).

September 1999 to June 2002

Central Manchester Health Authority. Becoming The Manchester Central Hospitals & Community Care (NHS) Trust on the 1st April 1991 (I kid you not, though a number of our suppliers thought we were) and renamed Central Manchester Healthcare (NHS) Trust two years later when the Community Care side of the organisation was 'demerged' to form it's own organisation.

Still at the same Adress.


Grade 4 in the Stores Accounts Section.

As well as continuing with the duties below, my duties included looking after the computers used by the payments section, and offering advice to other sections within the Finance department about both computers and VAT as required. I had a junior member of staff, whose duties I was expected to monitor and aid in the completion of his duties.

November 1995 to August 1999

Higher Clerical Officer (Grade 3) in the Stores Accounts Section.

As well as paying invoices in a timely fashion, this included producing reports based on information downloaded from various computer systems and visiting the various stores to do stock counts.

August 1988 to October 1995

Central Manchester Health Authority
Finance Department,
Cobbett House,
Manchester Royal Infirmary,
Oxford Road,
M13 9WL


Clerical Officer with the Korner Reporting team.

Whilst in this post, I was also running the then Finance Computer Network. This meant undertaking such tasks as doing incremental backups on a daily basis, and full system backups weekly, restoring data as required. I also had to see that users had access to the relevant programs and that copyright and security rules were not breached.

The Korner part of my duties involved getting a break down of the usage of the Professions Allied to Medicine (e.g. physiotherapists) and seeing how their costs could be related to clinical specialty. This was usually done by sampling techniques, which I was also responsible for developing.

April 1987 to August 1988

Clerical Officer with the Community, Psychiatric and Dental Management Accounts Team.

This involved interacting with the departments within the above functions when they had queries on their budgetary expenditure. This would involve going back to source documentaion to ensure it had been assigned to the correct budget. As well as this, we were involved in creating the annual accounts for the Health Authority

1st July 1986 to 31st March 1987

If you wish, you can contact the following for references

David Tyldesley

Directorate Accountant -Ledger Support and Implementation
Block K
Wilmslow Park
Hathersage Road
M13 0JL 

+44 (0) 161 276 4504

Mr Tom Bates,

Financial Accountant

Block K
Wilmslow Park
Hathersage Road
M13 0JL

+44 (0) 161 276 3286



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