Warhammer Models

These photographs are of a selection of models relating to the WarHammer gaming systems. These are split between the original WarHammer (WH), which is pure fantasy, and WarHammer 40,000 (WH40K), which is set in the far future of Humanity.

The Elves are coming (WH)

76.7Kb GIF file plus text

War Wagon! (WH)

63.3Kb GIF file plus text

Dragon! (WH)

26.5Kb JPG file plus text

Chaos Battleship (WH40K)

159Kb JPG file plus text

Chaos Cruiser (WH40K)

39Kb JPG file plus text

Imperial Battleship (WH40K)

43Kb JPG file plus text

Battling Ships (WH40K)

71Kb JPG file plus text

Jungle Fighters - Rocket Launcher Team (WH40K) 312Kb PNG file and text
Basilisk Artillery Piece (WH40K) 641 and 549 Kb png files with text
Baneblade Super Heavy Tank (WH40K) Text and images (png and jpg)
Demolisher (WHK40K) Text and image (725k png)
Eldar Falcon Grav-Tank (WH40K) Text and image
Ork War Trukk (WH40K) Text and various images
Chameleon AFV (WH40K)Text and image
Starship video (WH40K) FLV Video and text

Some of these models are white metal throughout while the others are high quality plastic mouldings. The larger bases are generally balsa wood, though the WarWagon has a base coated in plaster of paris.

 Photographs copyrighted by John Fairhurst.
Original miniatures copyrighted by Games Workshop.


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